One Man's Loss

This is the latest short film from director Philip Sansom. A beautifully cinematic comedy drama, set on the blistering streets of downtown LA during a summer heatwave. A shoeless vagabond is fatefully thrown the chance at a new life, after treading on a piece of glass outside the apartment of an arguing couple. By the time the credits roll on this feelgood short, he’s got the girl and the shoe is on the other foot. Literally.

One Man’s Loss is a classic tale of emotional rags to riches. And vice versa. NOWNESS 

Shot in downtown LA in late 2012 and finally finished as this latest edit in early 2014, this was a self-funded project made from the spoils of the advertising industry. Armed with a half finished script and a ton of positive energy Phil flew into and set about making this idea a reality.

Producer friend Richard Weager and DOP Ross McLennan joined the team and soon the project became more than just words on a page. Actress Hande Kodja agreed to take on the leading role and flew in from Paris, and a few casting sessions later Jeremy Mitchell came on board to play her detestable boyfriend.

The real challenge was finding the perfect vagabond who had to be both believably homeless and good looking enough to fall in love with. With only a week to go we were struggling to find the right guy, so Phil decided to go street casting in Venice Beach.

"I was sat with Ross having a coffee in Deus on the corner of Venice Boulevard & Lincoln when a hip looking guy in shades strolled passed. I flippantly said 'what we need is someone like that guy'. Ross told me I should go and ask him, and after running a few blocks to catch up I stopped him in the street and told him my story. I asked him if he had ever acted and that I thought he'd make a good vagabond, his response was 'I get that a lot'."

That guy turned out to be Tracy Fieth, fashion designer and surfer - now of Tom's shoes fame. He politely accepted to come for a casting although he had never acted before. Needless to say he got the part and without him the film just wouldn't have been the same. It's mad to think that he is a shoe designer in real life and that Toms motto is that 'a shoe can change a life'. A total LA story - serendipity.